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November 16, 2009: I'd just like to say thank you for the emails
encouraging me to
write more. I'm planning to set up a writing
schedule next year when my son enters preschool. In the meantime,
I'm really enjoying this precious time with him. However, knowing
people are interested in reading more stories from me means more
than you know. Thank you so much!!!!

A Wish Away is being re-released today in ebook format. This novella
was originally published in the WICKED WISHES anthology. Here's
the blurb for the story: Tiffany has a bad history when it comes to
birthdays. This year, she's made it 12 hours into her birthday and
she's taking no chances. Well, except for that one small birthday
wish she made…She wished her sexy best friend, Zak, would notice
her and that her routine life would get more exciting. What, after all,
could go wrong with a wish like that?

December of 2008: I'm still alive:) I'm sorry that I haven't been
able  to update my site in forever. My time has been spent chasing a
very  active toddler (97%), sleeping/eating (2.5%), and writing (.
5%).  <laughing> I haven't had much time to do anything else. I
should  work in the concept of "breathing" in there somewhere,
huh? <grin> I've learned that it's hard to write when you have one
eye on the  computer screen and one eye on a busy little baby boy
who is intent  on dumping the salt out of the shaker to make it
"snow" in the living  room. <wink and grin> I haven't updated my
site because I don't  have any stories finished at this time. As soon
as I can get something  in to my editor, I'll update with news here
and in my newsletter. In  the meantime, I just wanted to let you
know that I'm doing well, I  haven't switched publishers, and I
haven't stopped writing. I also  want to thank all of you who have
written to me or to Ellora's Cave  Publishing asking when my next
book will be out. I sincerely  appreciate your kindness and support. I
wish you all the best this  holiday season and always.

December 28. 2007: The winners of my December Holiday Thank You
Contest have been drawn and the names are listed on the contest page
here. Thank you to everyone who entered! And congrats to all the

December 2007: LADY JADED'S SEXY SMILES has released. This is a print
anthology by S.L. Carpenter, Marly Chance, Winston & Sims,
Tanglen & Bardsley, and Samantha Winston (My story is called “Deadline”
and was originally released as an ebook quickie a few years ago.) The ISBN
is 9781419954917 (print only)  I feel honored to be in this anthology with
so many talented authors. The anthology's main tone is romantic comedy,
although of course all of the stories are erotic romance, too. My story,
"Deadline" is a quick "feel good" story.:) If you'd like to read an excerpt,
please click

October, 2007: I'm having a special contest in October and the prize is a
$25 gift certicate to Amazon. If you'd like to know how to enter, please click
HERE to go to my contest page.  In other news, I did an interview for JUST
EROTIC ROMANCE REVIEWS in their October newsletter. If you'd like to
read the interview, please click
HERE to get to the Just Erotic Romance
Reviews website.

August 24, 2007: BEEN THERE, BIT THAT has been released from Ellora's
Cave Publishing.

August, 2007: I'm excited to announce that BEEN THERE, BIT THAT will be
released 8/24/07 as an ebook from Ellora's Cave. If you'd like to read an
excerpt, please click this link:  
EXCERPT.  I'm not sure of the print release
date (but I'm usually the last to know anyway. <wincing and laughing>). If
you'd like to know the release date for the
print book of BEEN THERE, BIT
THAT, please contact customer service at Ellora's Cave and ask them.
They're absolutely terrific and will get back to you promptly.:) Here's the
EC CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you're looking at this page
wondering about the status of OATH OF CAPTURE,
please see the note at the bottom of this page.:)

April, 2007: What in the HECK have I been doing this past year????
<dramatic drumroll>

Please meet my latest work in progress: <laughing>

This little miracle boy has been my work in progress for the last year. Our
son is the greatest surprise -- and the biggest joy -- of our lives. <HUGE
grin> (For more info regarding the story behind that statement, please read
the May 2006 update below.)

I'm still writing, but naturally my son comes first.  Hopefully, I'll be able to
update my site more often now that my head isn't stuck in a toilet due to
morning-noon-and-night sickness. <laughing> I'll try.:) In the meantime,
please just know that I have NOT given up writing.

And to all of you who have sent emails or who have visited this site or
encouraged me in any way regarding my writing? It truly means so much.
I'd just like to say thank YOU for not giving up on me.:) I wish I could thank
each one of you personally. Be glad you're safely tucked behind your
computer screen. Otherwise, I'd hug the breath out of you. <laughing> (I
would if I could.) From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


January, 2007: I finished "Been There, Bit That" and have turned it into my
editor. I'm unsure of the release date at this point. For the latest
information, please contact Ellora's Cave customer service.

December, 2006:  I went into labor six hours before I was scheduled to be
induced. <laughing> My husband and I have a son! His name is Patrick and
he's 6 pounds 10 ounces. Our miracle boy has arrived and he's healthy and
beautiful. I feel so blessed. And so very grateful. What a gift he is! I had
some more complications toward the end of the pregnancy, but the baby is
doing fine and I'm slowly recovering.  We're both doing well and my
husband and I are absolutely over the moon with joy.

August, 2006: My beloved grandmother has passed away after several
years of suffering. She was an amazing woman and this world is now a
darker place without her shining soul.  I miss her more than I can say. I'd
like to thank all of you who have offered prayers for my family and me. Your
love and support have lifted my spirits during some truly devastating days.
Thank you.

August, 2006: I caught a nasty stomach virus and was in the hospital for a
few days. It scared me to death, wondering if the baby would be okay.
However, I am doing well and thank goodness -- the baby is doing okay.

July, 2006: My brother has been deployed to Iraq. Please pray for our

May 4, 2006: (GROUP EMAIL) Hi:) I know we're all time-pressed, so I thank
you for your patience.

My husband and I won't be attending the RT convention this year as we had
planned. I had looked forward to meeting so many of you (and seeing many
of you again), so I'm disappointed.  I know backing out at this point
inconveniences some people as well, and for that I'm very sorry.

Bear with me please as I get personal. My husband and I have tried for
many years to conceive a child. We went through various infertility
treatments, including IVF.  It was emotionally, physically, and financially
draining. After twelve years of trying, with no success, we decided it was
just not in God's plan for us to have a child. We gave up and the doctors
gave up.  We grieved, so very deeply, and went on with our lives and other
dreams. That was roughly five years ago.

But life has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.<grin> At
age 39, I've suddenly found out that I'm pregnant. It happened naturally,
and utterly by accident, and completely against all medical odds. My
husband and I thought my symptoms were due to stress -- so you can
imagine our total shock. ROFL The doctors and infertility experts are doing
their share of "shock and awe," too. <grin>

This miracle child is such a surprise and such a tremendous blessing.  I'm
due December 3.  It's a very high risk pregnancy, and it's still very early yet.
A lot of things can still go wrong. We're cautiously optimistic. I'd like to ask
all of you to keep us in your prayers please.

My doctor has decided it's unwise for me to travel so far to Daytona and
attend the convention at this time.  While I'm very disappointed that I have
to back out so late and can't attend, I'm still obviously thrilled to pieces at
the reason why. lol

For those of you who have things in your life that seem impossible, goals
that you can't seem to reach, things that you feel discouraged about, hope
that feels gone....I'd just like to say that miracles DO happen -- and when
you least expect it.

I'll continue to write my stories (ESPECIALLY now that I need more money
to help support that coming child! <grin>).  So I'm not giving up on writing
at all.

I hope you'll all have a blast at the convention and that I'll get to join you at
the convention next year or the year after.

Have a safe trip and enjoy!
<hugs to all>
Joyously Morningsick Marly <grin>


I had planned to finish Oath of Capture before I finished Been
There, Bit That. However, what I *plan* is not always what life has
in store for me. <laughing> At this time, I've finished Been There,
Bit That.

I'm hard at work again writing Oath of Capture. I write while my son
sleeps so it's slow going...but I'm getting there:)

I'd like to say thank you very much to all of you who have written to
me wanting to know the status of the book.  I haven't been able to
answer most of my emails in quite a while due to my family and work
obligations.  I'd just like to apologize for not being able to answer
you back. I'm truly sorry.   I do read every single email, and I
appreciate your encouragement and your kindness more than I can
ever say.

I've been putting every spare moment into Oath of Capture  (hoping
you'll forgive me for not answering my emails if I turn over the book
<wincing and smiling>). I'm putting my heart into this story and I'm
hoping in the end you'll enjoy it and not beat me with sticks for
taking so long.:)  There is no release date yet since at the moment
it's unfinished.

Now that I've finished Been There, Bit That (YAY! <grin>), I'm
concentrating again on Oath Of Capture. I have other stories in the
works, but I try to concentrate on one at a time whenever possible.
I'll update you here or in my newsletter as stories get finished and
release dates are set.

Again, thank you for your kindness and your support in helping me
to do what I enjoy, and for allowing me to share it with you! --Marly
Patrick at four months old
April, 2007