“My only wish is that there were more books written by this author.”
--Emilie Anne, The Best Reviews

“…witty, sexy and a whole lot of fun…”
--Veronica, A Romance Review

“Oath of Seduction is one of the most sensual adventures it's been my pleasure to read.…”
--Shadoe Simmons, AAM Reviews

Hi! In case you've stumbled into my web site by mistake, I guess I'd better
introduce myself. <grin>

My name is Marly Chance and I write erotic romance books for Ellora's Cave
Publishing.  I'm a fairly normal person (Hey! You don't have to laugh THAT
hard!) who just happens to be doing what she loves -- writing stories.

I'm best known for my "Oath" series, but I've written in several erotic
romance subgenres including futuristic, contemporary, and vampire (so far
<grin>). All of my stories do have two things in common, however.  They're
all erotic romance stories and they all have happy endings.

Here on my site I have free excerpts of my books, biographical info, some
updated answers to frequently asked questions, work in progress info, a letter
to readers, and some cool links for readers and aspiring writers.

I hope while you're here that you'll wander around and have fun. Kick off
your shoes, toss out your troubles, and stay as long as you like. <grin>

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy the site!

Available NOW in paperback at Ellora's
Cave Publishing and in bookstores!
Which includes the short novel BEEN
and the previously
released novella


Been there, bit that. Had the scars to
prove it. Geez. Vampires. Unlike what
the books and movies depicted, real
modern day vampires were a whole lot
closer to bloodsucking mobster families
than some undead Draculas flitting
around as bats. Sure, vampires could be
cool in a Sopranos sort of way, but to
Tamara, the reality was pretty harsh
too. For one thing, modern vamps were
more likely to USE a bat on somebody
than to turn into one. For another,
"surprising situations" occurred with
alarming regularity….

Dominic is the sexy epitome of the self-
contained, enigmatic vampire. Leader of
the wealthy New York Garcione family,
he's very powerful, very Italian, and
very rapidly becoming her biggest

Marc is the head of the old Devereaux
vampire family in Louisiana.  His cool
good looks and hot southern charm
hold their own dangerous appeal.  

They need Tamara to help them prevent
a vampire war. And her To Do List is
getting more complicated by the
minute.  Have sex. Create power lock.
Defeat evil triad. Possibly kill or be
killed. It could turn out to be good hot
romantic fun. Well. If she can avoid the
“killed” part.


Tiffany has a bad history when it comes
to birthdays. This year, she’s made it
twelve hours into her birthday and she’s
taking no chances. Well, except for that
one small birthday wish she made… She
wished her sexy best friend, Zak, would
notice her and that her routine life
would get more exciting. What, after all,
could go wrong with a wish like that?
by Marly Chance
What reviewers say
about Been There, Bit
What reviewers say
about A Wish Away:
5/5 hearts
"...I don't usually
read futuristic
scenarios but this
fun short story
has made me
wonder if I should
give the genre
another chance..."
fast-paced and
grabs your
attention from the
very first
adding this book
to my keeper
What reviewers
say about A
Wish Away:
5/5 stars TOP PICK!!!