BLURB for Overcome by Marly Chance

"Have you ever been ravished?" The question uttered in that sexy
masculine voice sent Ansley reeling. Held captive on a hostile planet
and scheduled for interrogation, agent Ansley Morgan is shocked
when her former partner appears. She is even more surprised to
discover that he is supposed to be her Enraptor, paid by the enemy
to forcibly seduce her into revealing information. Is he there to help
her or betray her?

*******EXCERPT from "Overcome" by Marly Chance

"Overcome" Copyright 2005 Marly Chance  -- All
Rights Reserved

The following excerpt is from a book rated E by Ellora's Cave and is
intended for adults only.  A book rated E may contain graphic sexual
situations and language and may contain material considered to be
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“Of all the confinement centers on all the planets in all the universe,
he walks into mine......”

Ansley stared at the man in front of her while she tried to wrap her
mind around the fact that he was Flynn. He was in traditional Lansori
clothing—mostly. Loose black pants tied at the waist, black sandals
on his feet. His black hair was pulled back, emphasizing the
masculine angles of his face. She had seen him assume roles many
times, everything from a Carzenian trader to a Zedori weapons
dealer, but something about this one really shook her. It was as if
the civilized veneer had been peeled away and the predator beneath
was revealed.

He looked so powerfully…male. His chest was bare, muscles hard and
defined. She had a weakness for broad shoulders and a sexy chest,
and her heart stuttered at the sheer perfection of this one. His skin
was tan and smooth except for the smattering of dark curly hair near
his nipples. She’d always known Flynn was muscular, but the reality
of just how well he was built was really sinking in now.

In an attempt to grasp for the familiar, she looked up quickly into his
eyes as he came to stand in front of her. And felt her mouth go dry.
Never, in all the time that they’d worked together, had he ever
looked at her with such absolute…possession. It was shocking. This
was Flynn, but it was a Flynn she’d never seen before in her life. He
was staring at her intently, and she realized he was waiting for some
reaction from her.

Sarthan broke the silence with a laugh. “It seems your reputation
with females is well-earned, Derix. Judging by the expression on her
face, she finds you most pleasing.”

Flynn spoke to Sarthan but his eyes stayed on Ansley. “She’s quite
beautiful. I think we’ll all be well-satisfied soon.”

Ansley jerked her eyes back to Sarthan. She’d nearly forgotten
about him when Flynn entered the room. Now she gave a derisive
laugh. “He’s a pretty toy, Sarthan. A bit too sure of himself, though.
That arrogance is going to cost him. And you.”

Flynn turned to Sarthan. “Leave us. She’s too hostile in your
presence. Let me do what you’re paying me to do. The sooner you
leave, the sooner I can turn that hostility to a more productive use.”

Sarthan seemed to think it over for one long moment and then gave
a slight nod. “I will do as you wish. For now. See that you work
quickly. And get what I seek. Do not forget our bargain. The reward
for success is high.” He left the room with the guards trailing in his

Ansley and Flynn stared at each other. Ansley was very aware that
Sarthan was probably watching through the transparent wall. She
said flatly, “Whatever he’s paying you is not enough. You’ll fail. I
don’t have the information he wants.”

Flynn smiled and shrugged. “I believe that you do. And I believe that
you’ll give it to me. And I’ll leave here a very happy…” his eyes
swept over her body with great appreciation, “very satisfied, very
wealthy man.”

That look had her heart thumping but Ansley merely arched an
eyebrow. “Why don’t you release my hands and we’ll talk?”

Flynn laughed softly. “That will happen soon enough.” He walked
closer and stopped when he was standing within inches of her body.
Looking up into his face, she felt a shiver of excitement as well as
danger. He reached out and she nearly flinched away from him.

Flynn laughed softly. “Shortly. For right now, I want to talk to you
about control. And responsibility.” He reached out one hand and
trailed a lazy finger down her cheek. “You have no control. From this
moment on, your only responsibility is to feel pleasure. Your only
choice is to feel pleasure.”

Ansley flinched away before she could stop herself. He just stepped
closer and ran one calloused fingertip down the side of her neck to
her pulse. He smiled with satisfaction. “Your heartbeat is going wild.”

Ansley glared at him. “Let me loose.”

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her neck, just below her ear.
He said very softly, “No. Remember the rules, darling. No choice. No
responsibility. I want you. And I’m going to take you…”

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