Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon

By Marly Chance

Copyright 2002 Marly Chance

All Rights Reserved


Note:  This book is rated "E*" by Ellora's Cave Publishing and is intended for
adults only.

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Chapter 1

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now all these years later, she had to
laugh at the sheer perversity of fate. He was sex personified. She was just
a small town librarian.

Standing in front of her, dressed in a black silk shirt and leather pants, he
had to be six feet, seven inches of sculpted, mouth-watering, sexy muscle.
He was the kind of guy mothers warned daughters to avoid, and best
friends advised, “Sure, enjoy the ride while you can, but he’s gonna break
your heart eventually.”

His hair, cropped close to his head military-style, was pitch black.  His face
was all masculine angles. He was beautiful in a warrior kind of way. He
looked about thirty-five years old, with quite a few of those years tough
ones. This was no pretty-boy, sensitive, in-touch-with-his-feelings man.
This guy was total danger. He was completely out of her league.

She was pretty much cotton gowns, a good book, and a cheery nightlight.
He was sweaty, forbidden, no boundaries sex in the dark. As her eyes met
his fully for the first time, she saw that they were a searing, penetrating
blue. Within that gaze, she saw the blue flame of intense desire and
possession.  He wanted her, no doubt of that, but even more frightening,
his gaze roamed her body as if he had already claimed it. Repeatedly.

Sharon felt like she’d stepped off of a cliff. Her heart was pounding, her skin
was flushed, and she had an impulse to scream.  She dropped her eyes to
the carpeting in pure panic.

This had been a really big mistake.  Maybe doing her duty and registering
had not been a good idea. Maybe she’d just paste a smile on her face, look
him in the eye and say, “Look, I know we’re supposed to be getting
engaged, but could you maybe find another fiancée? I can’t have screaming
sex with you. I’m just a librarian, for goodness sake. I’m not really
adventurous. I don’t really want to live on another planet or meld minds or
whatever alien activities are required. I’ll just be running along now…” With a
deep breath, she raised her eyes to his and felt the words trap in her throat.

He was smiling. In fact, he looked on the verge of laughter. The sudden
amusement softened his features a little, making him more approachable.
She wasn’t fooled. It made him even more dangerous.

With a little annoyed sniff, she squared her shoulders. Okay, she was
scared, terrified even, but if he was going to keep laughing at her, he was
going to be sorry—she‘d find a way to make him pay. She took a deep
breath. Her hands clinched and she leaned toward him aggressively.  Her
knees might be knocking, but she would show him that she was not afraid
of any big, smirking, sexy, annoying guy. Ever. He’d better understand
right now that she was no pushover.

Liken looked at the little beauty standing so scared and defiant in front of
him, and felt his heart rejoice. She was perfect. Her five-foot, eight-inch
frame was practically vibrating with nerves and outrage. She was both
beautiful and courageous. He appreciated the beauty, but she would need
the courage in the times to come. She was fighting his effect on her now,
but that would change. He would make sure of it. First, though, he had to
get his own arousal under control.

She had long, black hair that dropped just past her shoulders.  Seeing it in
person, rather than telepathically, made him ache with the need to run his
hands through it. He wanted that hair spread across his pillow. Or better
yet, across every inch of his body.  Her eyes were like mer stones, deep
green and seemingly lit from within. Her face was not classically Shimerian
beautiful. The mouth was a little too full, the nose a little too pert. The
overall effect on his senses, however, was devastating.

He wanted that face looking at him with desire, with need. He wanted those
full lips swollen and tender from his mating or rather, from his lovemaking.
When on Earth, think like a human, he chided himself.

Yet even with that thought, his eyes drifted down the rest of her body. Full
breasts, the nipples hardening beneath his gaze, were heaving with her
rapid breaths. The tips were little defiant points underneath the traditional
white blouse. It was fitted to her body, but not tightly. The scooped
neckline showed the upper swell of creamy curves. He could tell she wore no
undergarment, and those tight nipples were stiff and visible.

Going lower, he saw a small waist, tapering outward to full hips. He felt his
hands flex with the need to sink his fingers into those curves and pull her
toward him. The white ceremonial skirt fell all the way to the ground.  What
would those long legs look like? And what would they feel like wrapped
around his hips?

Calling on all his discipline, he again raised his eyes to hers and felt the jolt
to his soul. She would be his. He had no doubt. Attempting to ease her
fear, he said, “Do not fear me, Sharon. I am merely invoking our oath. I am
your pactmate, Liken da’Kamon. I would never harm you.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said a little too quickly. They both wondered if
she meant to convince him or herself. “Why would I be afraid? This is just
the ceremony. I don’t think we’ll be at all compatible. I think we should just
say our words and then when it’s over, you can go your way and I’ll go
mine. At the end of the knowing period, we’ll just meet back here and file

“You are mine. You will leave with me.” The words were out of his mouth
without any thought.  Seeing her eyes widen, he fell back on Shimerian
strategy. Timing was crucial to gaining any objective, particularly with
females. “We will speak no more, Sharon, until after the ceremony. We
should not be speaking now. Go to the pactmaker and wait for me.” With
those words, he turned and walked to the other side of the room.

He might as well have said “Get thee to a nunnery!” like some classic
Shakespeare character. Sharon, shocked speechless at his arrogance, stood
there until she felt a slight tug on her arm.

Turning, she looked into her friend Kate’s face and said, “I am so out of
here. No way can I go through with this. How dare he order me over to the
pactmaker like I was some child to command? What was I thinking? Kate,
we have to find a way to get me out of here.”

Kate, her friend since elementary school, knew her only too well. “Shar,
what did he say to you? You look scared to death. Did he threaten you or

Turning back toward the other side of the room, Kate leveled a glower
toward the Shimerian males gathered there. Finding the one who had
frightened Sharon, she gave him a look meant to kill him on sight. To her
disappointment, he merely raised an eyebrow.

The male he was in conversation with, however, grinned widely at her and
gave a mocking little nod with his head. He was arrogantly gorgeous and his
hot gaze, as it raked her body, felt incredibly familiar. He looked enough like
Sharon’s looming problem to be his brother.

She felt a shot of unease, and immediately turned her back on him. Shaking
off the disturbing feelings, she asked Sharon, “What happened?”

Sharon, wrestling her own demons, missed her friend’s exchange with the
other warrior. She shrugged and said, “No, he didn’t threaten me exactly.
He more or less told me to shut up and go stand by the Pactmaker. I can’t
do it, Kate. I know when we registered we thought we were doing the right
thing. But now, I’m freaked.”

She struggled for calm as she remembered the beginning of this mess. “You
know, when you’re eighteen, you think you know everything. You have such
high ideals.  Registering seemed so simple. It was my duty. All of us felt like
that. I don’t think any of us really thought about what would happen if the
Shimerian male showed up to fulfill the pact. I mean, what are the odds?
Only about one in twenty thousand is ever called to fulfill the pact. I know it’
s my duty as a human to go through the ceremony and observe the
customs, but I don’t think I can.”

Kate, feeling sorry for her friend, felt helpless. What could she say? All of
them had registered in an idealistic rush of patriotism and duty without
really counting the potential costs. Now her friend, the girl she’d literally
grown up with and loved like a sister, was being legally and morally tied to
an alien being who might remove her from all she held dear. Sharon would
have to be intimate with him. She was such an innocent in so many ways. It
was frightening and upsetting. Sharon didn’t have many choices unless...”
Have you really thought out all the options?”

With a shake of her head, Sharon said, “There wasn’t really time to think.
The two pactmaker reps showed up at my door in uniform and told me to
come with them. They didn’t even let me grab my purse. The whole thing
scared the crap out of me! I just couldn’t believe it was happening, you

She could feel her body begin to shake as reality really hit. “I mean, it
crossed my mind when I turned twenty-nine last week that the claiming age
would be over in a year. But, it just seemed so unlikely. They brought me to
the city pactbuilding and gave me these clothes to put on. Now I’ve got
twenty minutes to figure out what I’m going to do. I don’t even know how
they knew to get you here.  Since I don’t have any immediate family, I
guess they picked you to stand with me.”

It seemed logical, but Kate knew they needed to focus on what was
happening now. She was the lawyer here. She ought to be able to fix this
situation. She had to find a way to help Sharon. “Well, we can talk about
the fun experience I had with the pact reps some other time. Right now, we’
ve got to figure out what you are going to do. You only have three options:
Seduction, Challenge, or Capture. Each has its own set of rules and
problems. How much do you remember of the customs course?”

Mind racing, Sharon searched her memory. “If I choose seduction, we recite
vows, go to his planet, and then live together for three weeks. He…” Her
voice faltered a bit but she spoke up deliberately after only a second,
“follows the Courtship Rules of Seduction. That means he’s allowed certain
intimacies from me at certain times. Kind of like baseball…First base, second,
like that. He can go further than the prescribed intimacies only with my

Sharon felt her panic rising as she tried frantically to remember what they
had been taught. “God, how long before total intimacy, Kate?! I can’t

Kate thought back and then said, “Damnit, they wouldn’t give me time to
get my copy of your paperwork.” Her expression indicated someone would
pay for that fact later. “I can’t remember. Maybe two or three days at the

Three days. It wasn’t long enough. Sharon didn’t think two or three years
would be long enough to make her comfortable with the idea of sleeping
with that man. Still, at worst, after a few weeks of living together, she could
file for incompatible and never see him again. “What about Challenge?”

Kate sighed and said with careful calm, “You recite the ceremony and make
the oath, but you are basically challenging him to seduce you into staying
with him. You have to cooperate with anything he orders you to do
sexually, but you can ultimately refuse to have intercourse with him. He can
keep you for two weeks. It’s his goal in that time to overcome your
objections and make you want to stay. If you give in and actually have
intercourse, you are ineligible for an incompatibility filing. I don’t know,
though, Sharon…Shimerian males are supposed to be so dominant in bed…”

Sharon thought of Liken being able to do whatever he wanted for two full
weeks except intercourse and shuddered. There was excitement at the
thought, too, but she didn’t feel like she could challenge him sexually with
her level of experience. She’d only had two lovers, both of whom had been
rather dull and unimaginative. Sex had been warmly intimate, but not
exactly earthshaking.

This guy was a walking Karma Sutra. She didn’t think she could hold her
own in that kind of fight and come out on top for sure. “Nope. No way. He’s
way out of my league. That only leaves Capture. I’m leaning toward that. I
say the words and all, but then I get to leave. I have one full day’s head
start. If I can evade him for one month, I can file incompatible then.” She
was starting to feel calmer at the thought.

“Yeah, but if he catches you, you’re in a fix. He gets the rest of the month
of full sexual obedience.  He can do anything he likes, short of seriously
hurting you. He doesn’t need permission at any time for anything, including
intercourse. He has to be guided by your sexual likes and dislikes, but he
doesn’t have to play fair at all. The rumor is that they’re telepathic or
mentally gifted or something.”

Kate’s voice caught as her imagination leapt at the possibilities. “I don’t
know what that means exactly, but he can at least read your mind probably.
If he picks up on something you would like, but would never admit to liking,
he’ll use it ruthlessly.  He can’t actually make you do anything that would be
sexually repulsive, but he would push your boundaries pretty hard I’d
imagine. We’ve all heard rumors and stories about the Shimerians’ incredible
sexuality. It might be pretty intense. You’re not that experienced. It would
be pretty frightening for you.”

Frightening? The thought was enough to make her want to run from the
room right now. There had to be some way to deal with this situation.  
Thinking hard, she quietly said, “But if I break oath…”

Both women sighed and looked away. There were legal penalties for not
fulfilling oaths—”long years in a penal institution with some very
uncomfortable companions” kind of penalties. Besides, the guilt and shame
of it would be awful. Each woman registering had made an oath of their own
free will at the request of their government.

The Shimerian population was in trouble. They had a great disproportion of
males. There were not enough females to mate with males and make
families. Of the children born, a large percent were male. It was a downward
spiral that the Earth government had agreed to help, ending with the
signing of the Friendship Treaty.

Earth provided potential mates for Shimerians. In return, Shimerian
resources and technology were fully available to Earth. Already, amazing
cures for some of the worst Earth diseases had resulted from the
cooperative knowledge provided by Shimerian scientists to Earth scientists.
All kinds of positive advances were taking place.

The Earth government, making clear it was not prostituting its people,
agreed to provide a register of potential mates and carefully agreed upon
Courtship Laws.  Since the Shimerian males’ version of courtship leaned
toward kidnapping and seduction, the Earth government had been very
specific that the program would be voluntary and follow prescribed rules.  If,
after the knowing period, the Earth female did not want to continue the
union, she could file legal paperwork that the union was incompatible and
should be dissolved.

When the treaty had been signed some eighty years ago, there was
hesitation by Earth females and only a few actually became Shimerian
mates. However, as the positive breakthroughs in technology and medicine
began to become widely felt, the Shimerian government pushed hard for a
public relations program in colleges to promote registering.

These “culture classes” explained the process in glowing terms and
encouraged young women to register. The classes had a very idealistic slant
with just enough excitement to entice. “Help your fellow human beings and
Shimerians, too,” they persuaded, “while having an adventure.”

More Earth females registered and were mated. Then, rumors began to
surface about Shimerian men and their sexual abilities. Women spoke with
sighs of their physical attributes, but a lot of information remained
unknown. There was just enough mystery to intrigue and entice even the
most hardheaded of women. More and more Earth females registered.

After a while, the overwhelming response meant that for every twenty
thousand Earth women registered, only one would actually be called to
Oath. Most would go on to fall in love with a man on Earth. When she
married or at age thirty, her name would be removed from the register with
thanks from her government for her willingness to serve.

Sharon sighed.  Breaking oath wasn’t really an option.  She had made a
promise to her world, and for that matter, to his world.  She might be a lot
of things, but she wasn’t the kind of person to break her word.

Kate’s eyes were soft with sympathy and worry. “What are you going to
do?” she asked.

“Make the best of it, I guess. Take the oath. Go with him to Shimeria. It’s
only three weeks, right? And he’s not a total troll either. So I’ll get to know
him. Then, I’ll come home and file incompatible. My life is here. Maybe my
job isn’t the greatest. Maybe my little life isn’t the most exciting. But it’s
mine. I’m not giving it up and moving off planet for some guy.” She was
going for defiant, but her words came out shaky instead.

Kate knew that was her cue to lighten things up. “Not a total troll, huh?
Now there’s an understatement. That man is hot. You’ll be doing your duty
and getting great sex.  At least I assume it’ll be great if he’s as good as he

“Exactly.” Sharon began to smile a little as her sense of humor rose to the
surface. “Besides, a little interplanetary nookie won’t kill me. They’re
basically humanoid. Their society is very similar to ours, just a little more
advanced. It’s pretty male-dominated, but I guess I can live with that for a
few weeks. I don’t know about the telepathy thing but I don’t think they
can read minds all the time or anything. I guess I’ll find out…”

Determined to keep smiling and make the best of it, she headed toward the
Pactmaker. “Come on. Might as well get it over with. We wouldn’t want Mr.
Tall, Dark, and Arrogant to get his drawers in a twist.”

Laughing at that image, the two women headed to the other side of the
room. Shimerian male heads turned at the sound. Watching the two
beautiful women appreciatively, hearing their laughter, many of them felt a
little envious of Liken. Liken, on the other hand, was feeling too eager for
the ceremony to pay much attention. His brother Tair, sensing that
eagerness, had to laugh.

He said mockingly, “You should have claimed her a year ago, Liken. Then
maybe you would not be so impatient today.”

Liken shook his head. “You know I was giving her time. She will be making a
lot of changes. Best that she grew restless with her own life before facing
Shimerian marriage. It will be difficult for her.”

Liken thought of his cautious little librarian’s reaction to his culture and
mentally grimaced. She would not react well. There were good reasons for
keeping Shimerian ways a secret from prospective mates.

“You are sure that she has no idea of the merging and linking? We are
taught to be careful, but there have been some rumors on Earth from time
to time.” Tair had heard some pretty outrageous things, although some of
them had some truth to them.

“No, I do not think so. She seems afraid of me in an emotional and physical
sense, but I have not brushed her mind with mine yet. Except for my initial
recognition a year ago. My mind touched hers then, but only briefly.”

Tair shook his head at the thought of what his brother would need to
explain. Humans, especially females, could react very strangely to the
oddest things. His voice was dry. “Just be sure to secure her. It is quite
convenient that my pactmate is her best friend. I think Kate will be much
more amiable when I invoke the Oath if she knows Sharon is happy.”

“So, I am to ease your way?” Liken said with a half-smile. He nearly snorted
at the thought. Kate would challenge Tair at every turn. She was perfect for
him. “I believe your knowing period will not be that simple. The look she
sent me earlier could have felled me. I do not think your pactmate is the
sweet, gentle type.”

Tair’s dark eyes gleamed with laughter. “Now what would I do with sweet
and gentle?”   

Suddenly, the Pactmaker, a rather small man dressed in his ceremonial
robes of black and white stepped forward to address those gathered. “Will
Liken da’Kamon and Sharon Glaston please step forward to take the Oath?”
There was a murmur through the room at the sound of his words.

Most of the Shimerian males present were single and waiting anxiously to
make arrangements for invoking their own oaths. They were lined along the
wall waiting for their turn with the official pactmaker representatives.  All
were dressed casually in different colors and styles of pants, shirts, and
boots, but one thing was common to each and every one. There was a
palpable sense of impatience and sheer male power exuding from each of
the males. They were eager to conclude their business, but they were
curious about the oath ceremony. For many of them, this ceremony would
be the first one they had seen. Coming so close to their own pactmaking
arrangements, the ceremony gained a certain significance.

Liken strode to where the Pactmaker waited. Sharon took the last steps
remaining between them and came to stand at his side. Tair stood in the
background to Liken’s left, while Kate waited on Sharon’s right. Tair’s eyes
met Kate’s fuming gaze for one long moment before they turned to watch
the other couple.

The next twenty minutes of the ceremony were a blur. Sharon heard the
droning voice of the Pactmaker and responded whenever prompted. The
actual words seemed to be coming from a great distance and she couldn’t
really grasp the meanings. The only thing she could hear clearly was the
pounding of her own heart, which seemed to be coming out of her chest.

She kept her eyes on the Pactmaker and kept repeating to herself silently,
“Liken, his name is Liken. I’m gonna have sex with the guy, so I should try
to remember his name. He’s an alien. I wonder if sex is the same? I’m not
gonna get hysterical. I can do this. I have to do this. It’s no big deal. It will
be fine. I can do this…” Sharon hoped that if she repeated the words over
and over again, she might convince herself that she was doing the right

She could feel the heat of Liken’s tall presence standing strong and still
beside her. Only once did his big body grow stiff with tension. The
Pactmaker repeated the words,  “Your choice, my dear. You need to state it
clearly...which oath do you choose, Seduction, Challenge or Capture?” The
room was silent as everyone present waited for her reply.

She took a deep breath. Her mind spun with confusion like a top. What
should she do? What could she do? She said in a quaking voice that was
nearly inaudible, “Seduction.” She felt ridiculous and mortified to even say
the word. Feeling the tension leave him, she hoped it was the right choice.
Putting some strength into her voice, she said more firmly, “I choose

Sharon heard Liken’s masculine voice stating the rest of his vow in a
strong, clear voice. She knew he was speaking English, but she couldn’t
seem to absorb what he was saying. She felt disconnected from the entire
scene. Finally, the ceremony was complete. Liken held out his hand and said
her name softly, then a little louder. “Sharon…”

Sharon suddenly realized he was waiting for her to put her hand in his.
Trembling, she reached out. As his hand caught hers, it was warm and
strong. She nearly shuddered at the contact. It felt good and scary at the
same time. As his thumb caressed the softness of her hand in a soothing
motion, she realized her own hand was trembling.

He gave her hand a gentle tug, making her raise her eyes to his face for the
first time since the ceremony began. His smile was both satisfied and
teasing. “You will be fine. You can do this…a little interplanetary nookie won’
t kill you…” Sharon gasped softly as she heard him repeat her earlier words.

“You were spying on us!” She felt angry and embarrassed. Her mind worked
frantically, trying to remember what else she and Kate had said earlier.

With relief he watched the color come back into her face. She had gone pale
and trembling during the ceremony, but anger was bringing her back to life.
“Shimerian hearing is exceptional, sherree. Something you might want to
remember in the future. We have all kinds of interesting qualities I’m sure
you’ll enjoy.”

His smile broadened. “It’s time to go to the portal. Say your farewell to your
friend.” He gently turned her in the direction of Kate and shook hands with
the Pactmaker. Accepting the congratulations of the gathered males, he
kept an eye on Sharon.

Sharon walked the few feet to Kate, who had angry tears in her eyes. She
hated to see Kate so upset when there was nothing either of them could do
to change things. She tried for a light tone. “It’s only a few weeks right? I’ll
be coming back to file the papers and then it will be over. Life will be just
the same as it was.” Even she could hear the doubt in her voice.

Kate agreed immediately, a little desperately. “That’s right. I’ll meet you here
when you get back. You’ll be fine. We’ll go to O’Tooles and have a little
celebration. Get silly and drunk. Dance and make fools of ourselves.”
Thoughts of all the terrible things that could happen to Sharon were
running through her mind, but she knew it wouldn’t help Sharon to hear
them. Sharon needed to believe it would be okay.

Sharon rallied. “I can tell you what it’s like to sleep with the stud of the

Kate gave a weak laugh. “Sleep? I don’t see you getting much sleep.” They
smiled at each other. Hugging her close, Kate whispered in her ear. “Give
him hell. Make him treat you right. If he doesn’t, we’ll both kick his ass.”

Kate felt a touch on her shoulder. Startled, she looked back to find the
Shimerian male who had made her so nervous earlier. He was even more
gorgeous at close range. “What?” Her tone was hostile.

His grin only widened. “She will be fine. My brother will be good to her. They
will be good together.”

Her chin went up higher. “Yes, she will be fine. Because if she isn’t, your
brother will be sorry. You’ll both be sorry. I’m a lawyer. I’m not threatening
to sue you. I’m telling you my profession so you’ll understand what a mean
bitch I can be. I don’t worry about playing fair. I just win. You understand?”

She looked ready to attack him physically if her friend came to any injury.
His dark eyes gleamed with appreciation and some secret amusement. “I
understand more than you think, sheka. And I look forward to playing with
you.” With those easy words, he turned and walked away.

Kate could only stare at him as his statements registered. He wasn’t a bit
intimidated by her. She wasn’t used to that kind of reaction when she went
into her “dangerous bitch mode.” It was very effective, especially with

Sharon laughed. She couldn’t help it. “I can’t believe it…you threatened him
and he seemed to enjoy it.” Genuine amusement drained away a lot of her

Kate made a small sound of disbelief. “I hate him.” Shaking off all thoughts
of the intergalactic jerk, she hugged Sharon one last time, hard. “Take care
of yourself. I’ll see you soon.” Then, before she could get too emotional,
she turned and walked out of the room.

Sharon watched Kate until she disappeared. Her heart sunk as she realized
that her final link to Earth had just walked out that door.

Chapter 2

Feeling lost and alone, Sharon looked around the pactroom. Liken was
headed toward her, accepting congratulations as he went. Reaching her, he
grabbed her hand again and started pulling the two of them across the
room toward the exit. She struggled to keep up with his long strides as
they finally reached the hallway. Taking a quick right and then a left, he
pulled her into a deserted office and backed her up against the wall.

Startled, she pulled her hand from his. Bringing both hands up against his
chest, she pushed against him as he crowded her. He wasn’t actually
touching her, but there were only inches separating them. Taking her chin,
he raised her face so that their eyes met. “I cannot wait any longer.” There
was urgency in his voice and something suspiciously like need.

Sharon, feeling a wave of pure panic, choked out, “Don’t!”

“It is my right…” Bringing both hands to cradle her face gently, but firmly,
he lowered his mouth toward hers.

She expected a hard, devouring kiss. Instead, he played teasingly with her
lips, lightly touching then withdrawing, then touching again. Her lips tingled
and she felt like all the air was being drawn from her lungs. He kissed one
corner, softly touching it with his tongue, then licked outward along the rest
of her mouth. The soft wetness of his tongue, the gentle firmness of his
lips made her feel restless, unsatisfied. She felt helpless under the gentle
assault. His tongue kept inching closer along the seam of her mouth,
seeking entrance.

“Open for me, sherree…let me taste you…” His voice was sinfully soft and
beguiling, as he continued luring her.

She could feel her lips parting with a sigh. He took immediate advantage,
breaching her lips gently and then finding her tongue with his own. With
that discovery, he ran his tongue along hers, penetrating her, mimicking the
act both their bodies craved. He continued to thrust gently until her tongue
began to parry.  With her response, the kiss changed entirely.

Like a match thrown on gasoline, his body moved forward into hers. The
hands on her face moved down to her shoulders and then slid around her
body between her and the wall. He stroked her like a cat and then used
those hands to pull her forward against the hard length of his body.

Her nipples tightened and hardened. She felt the moistness between her
legs. He felt so good against her. Every inch of him was hard. Cradling his
erection between her thighs, she rubbed and felt a burst of pleasure. With a
moan, she started to press herself even closer. With a moan of his own, he
pushed his hips forward, pressing upwards hard and then teasingly easing

Then, she felt something else entirely. Like the tickling of a feather, his mind
brushed softly against hers. The realization stunned her. Before she could
react, the touch grew firmer. His mind was pressing against hers like their
bodies were pressed against each other. She froze, every muscle locking
up. Her hands, which had somehow been clinging to his shoulders like a
lifeline, squeezed hard in protest. Pushing her head back against the wall,
she said tightly, “Let me go. Now.”

Liken, searched her face as he tried to bring his breathing under control.
God, she was beautiful. She felt like pure pleasure under his hands. Every
cell in his body ached to disregard her words and take her. His cock was
hard, throbbing. Calling on all his discipline, he reminded himself that she
was essentially a virgin when it came to Shimerian ways. Purposefully
gentling his hands, he rubbed her back as he moved his hands up to her
shoulders. He would have her soon, but he had to proceed with care.

“You are right, Sharon. We need to get to the portal. There will be time
enough for such pleasures later.” He could barely wait as images of the
coming pleasure flashed through his mind.

Sharon blinked as if coming out of a daze. He looked hungry enough to
forget about waiting and just take her, rules or no rules. Her cheeks began
to burn with color and she said, “We are not doing this again. I don’t know
you. I’m not sure I even like you. You can’t just kiss me whenever you
want. We need to set some guidelines here…” Her words faltered as his face
grew harsh.

“You would go back on your oath?” He felt angry that she was threatening
it when he knew she would do no such a thing.

Sharon was surprised at his vehemence. “No, no I didn’t say that,” she said
quickly. “I just need some time to get used to things, okay? I went to work
at the library this morning. This afternoon, I took an Oath I had nearly
forgotten about and didn’t really expect to have to do. You yanked me out
of the room and started kissing me. We need to slow down here…”

Liken shook his head. “There is no slowing down, only moving forward from
here. Any intimacy we have shared can be repeated at your will or mine. I
can take further intimacies at prescribed times in the days to come, but
never forget: once you allow something, I can do it again at my choosing.”

Her eyes looked angry. “Gee, thanks for the patience and understanding,
big guy.”

His voice gentled. “I can be patient and understanding, sherree. But I am
also a demanding person. That cannot be helped. How can you expect to
share such pleasure with me, and then ask me to forego it? I am merely
being honest with you.”

Sharon shook her head. “Whatever. Let’s just get to the portal. I’m tired of
being surprised and confused. Of not knowing what to expect from one
moment to the next. I hate surprises. I hate this. Let’s just go and get this
over with.”

Liken leaned down and placed a hard kiss against her mouth. It was over
with before she could object. Taking her hand again in his, he strode out of
the room and down the hallway.  As they approached the lobby of the
massive building, Sharon saw a sign indicating the portal for Shimeria was
down two flights of stairs and to the left.

As they walked, she realized suddenly that all she had were the clothes she
was wearing. She wasn’t exactly prepared for interplanetary travel. She
tried to slow her steps as she asked Liken, “What about my clothes, my
things? I didn’t even think about leaving right after the Oath.”

Liken kept them moving forward as he said, “All has been prepared. I’ve
known about you for a year, Sharon. You have all you need at my dwelling.”

“Ohhh. Okay. Sure.” She couldn’t seem to focus. She wondered if her
system had sustained too many shocks for one day. The pact reps, the
oath, him, his kisses, his touch… She needed to focus her thoughts and
think about this whole thing in a more orderly, logical fashion.

As they walked, she considered what had happened in the deserted office
minutes ago, trying to be more objective. It had been exciting. He had been
forceful, but gentle. Things might not be so bad. That mind thing was
weird, but he had stopped immediately. He might be predatory in some
ways, but he had backed off when she asked.

She sighed unconsciously. There was nothing she could do to change
things. Logically, it was childish and unproductive to sulk or fight with him
constantly. She would do as she had told Kate. Make the best of it.

With a conciliatory smile, she told him, “I’m sorry. I don’t know or
remember much about Shimeria and its customs.  The one class I had was
years…” She stopped as what he said suddenly hit her. “A year? What do
you mean you’ve known about me for a year?”

They had reached the portal and this was one discussion he hoped to avoid
for a time. He used the distraction of the busy room as an excuse to not
answer. There were Shimerians streaming through one portal on the right.
They were showing ID cards to custom officers as they passed.

Sharon and Liken approached their own checkpoint for customs. Liken
turned and handed her a Shimerian ID card. It had her name on it. She
studied it in silence. Obviously, he really had made preparations for her. As
Liken handed the officer his ID card and responded to his questions,
Sharon waited impatiently. She wasn’t going to drop this discussion.

The customs officer handed Liken back his card and then asked for hers.
With a bureaucratic look of apathy that was recognizable on any planet, he
glanced at her card and then handed it back. With a disinterested smile, he
waived them forward. Sharon went a few more steps and then halted in awe.

She had been so focused on Liken that she had not noticed her
surroundings. She gulped as she took in the two portals for the first time.
She had never traveled off planet or seen one of the portals. Each portal
structure was at least two stories tall. Made like an oval gate, the metal was
unrecognizable. There were lever-like devices to the side that appeared to
operate the opening and closing of the gate. Inside the open gate, was
dense, flat blackness.

It would be like stepping into nothingness.  She watched the other portal as
Shimerians coming to Earth stepped through unharmed. They didn’t appear
to be missing any appendages.

Liken, remembering his awe and momentary fear when seeing the portal the
first time, waited for her to begin walking again. In this situation at least, he
would give her time.

Reminding herself logically that Liken had obviously survived it, she started
walking. At the edge of the portal he stopped and looked down at her.
“Sharon, we cannot go at the same time. Unpledged females such as
yourself must arrive on Shimeria alone to signify you are coming of your
own free will. I will go first. Once I disappear, step through.”

She pulled her eyes away from the portal to look up at him. “You trust me
to step through after you?” she said with some surprise.

“Of course,” he said with a smile. “You have courage and will not break your
oath. Besides, my mind brushed yours. I have some sense of what you feel.
You have been through much today, but you are curious, too. I will be
waiting on the other side, sherree. Once there, I will satisfy your curiosity. I
will satisfy you in any way you desire.” With a wink and a quick kiss, he
stepped through. With one step, he was gone and Sharon was left staring
into the dense blackness of the portal.

For about ten seconds, she considered proving him wrong. With a sigh, and
a muttered “I desire to stay here, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Know-It-All” under her
breath, she stepped through. She had made her choice. What the hell.

I hope that you have enjoyed this excerpt of OATH OF