Who Would Your Pactmate Be?  Take The PactQuiz And Find Out!!

Hi guys!  I made up this little quiz just for fun.  Don't cheat and skip
to the bottom, okay?  And be honest!  <grin>  You want to know
who your REAL Shimerian pactmate would be, don't you?  Well, I
hope this quiz is entertaining and fun.  Please don't email me to say
I've scarred your psyche for life. It's totally in jest and meant to
make you smile.  Have a good time…and if you enjoy it, be sure and
send your friends by to see how they end up mated. <grin>  
Ready?  Here we go:

1)     I would have sex on the first date with a Shimerian:

a)     Never – good grief? What's the rush?  I don't care what your
home planet is, I'm not rushing into anything.  Read my thoughts,
psychic-boy: No. Not. Nope.

b)    Maybe – Hey, if he's exceptional, what's wrong with a little
recreation?   Adventure is my middle name.  Well, not really, but it
should be… I can take the occasional chance and have a good time…

c)     Hell YES --   Mind sex, great bod, AND interesting alien sex
toys?  Just let me grab my purse and…hey, on second thought--  
let's eat in… <grin>

2)     Of  the males in OOS and OOC, I would most like to have one
fun filled night with:

a) Liken – Helllllo?  He's gorgeous.  He's gentle.  He's patient.  And
he knows how to dominate, but nicely.  Spank me, baby, spank me.
<grin>  What else do I need to know?

b) Tair --  OMG  He's experienced.  He's hot.  He brings his own
toys.  He's competitive and highly sexed.   He knows when to hold
me and when to bonk my brains out.  Oh yeah.  I'm ready.

c) Jadik --  A man of many faces.  He's a complex guy.  He can tease
and flirt and then get deadly serious. He's mysterious.  You just
KNOW he's gonna rock your world.   He takes multiples to a whole
new level.  Move over Cass, you have competition.  <grin>

3)     I think merging or having him scan my thoughts would be:

a)     really intrusive.  What a violation!  Privacy…ever heard of it?

b)    sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Wellll, there is that whole
"know my fantasies and make them happen" benefit.  I mean, I'd
put up with a lot for THAT little sexual bonus...

c)     major fun.  Bring it on.  Why not?  I have nothing to hide.  
Hey, if he can find my G spot without a flashlight and a map, I say
mind sex is the way to go.

4)     If I was on the register, I would choose this option:

a)     Seduction – Be honest! Who doesn't like seduction?  Besides,
at least it would give me a little time to get to know the guy.  

b)    Challenge – Hey, I'd like to explore my fantasies with someone
determined to seduce me.  I'm a big girl.  I say, "Ante up and let's
see who folds first, Mr. I'm-Always-The-Winner" (I don't really see
a loser is this game, but I sure would like to play! <grin>)

c)     Capture --  Hey, he wants me, he's gonna have to find me.  I'm
worth the chase.  Besides, I like that capture thing.  WAY hot idea.  
I say, "Catch me if you can…" <evil grin>

5)     The thought of having to link makes me:

a)     break out into a cold sweat.  Geez, I'm modest and kind of
conservative.  I think it would totally freak me out.  I mean, fantasy
is one thing, but actually DOING it?  No way.

b)    nervous and uncomfortable but excited.  Well, come on.  Let's
face it. TWO gorgeous guys?   AND you don't get labeled the town
slut for engaging in a threesome?  PLUS, it's required by law?  
Welllll, if it's required.  <grin>  I'm no lawbreaker.  Not me. <bigger

c)     HOT HOT HOT.  Well, hey.  Don't look at me like that!  Now this
could be LOTS of fun.  It's not my usual thing, but it IS a different
culture.  Besides, two gorgeous guys turning me on at the same
time?  I'm NOT sure I see a downside here…


If you picked mainly a's:

Your pactmate is  Kez Len'tru.  He's six foot, seven inches.  He has
blonde hair and light green eyes.  Kez is very athletic and happens
to be a very good, no nonsense, somewhat cynical cop.  <grin>  He
would like nothing better than to seduce you away from an
inhibition or two.  He can be a bit stubborn but he is saved from
being a total jerk because when he falls in love, he falls HARD.  You
turn those big eyes on him and he feels helpless. <grin>  He likes to
be in control in the bedroom and isn't satisfied unless YOU lose
control.   He's gentle but quite firm. <grin>   He's the type of guy
who will surprise you with flowers (or handcuffs) for no reason.  
He's thorough and very turned on by your conservative ways.  He'll
do his best to lure you into loosening up a bit and enjoying some
naughty fun.  At his core, though, is a man who would give his life
for your happiness or well-being.  When he commits, he commits
fully and with nothing held back.  You love his integrity and you
admire him for his strong values.  He has a way of making you feel
safe even when you're stretching your sexual boundaries.  Sex with
him is such an intense experience that you're half thrilled, half
terrified (but never truly afraid because you trust him completely).   
However, it's his sense of mischief and moments of tenderness that
completely melt your heart.  You may butt heads occasionally
because of your strong personalities and opinions, but you both
love quite deeply and are able to face problems by talking them out.  
You may want to slug him for being pig-headed at times, but you'll
never, ever regret loving him.

If you picked mostly b's:

Your pactmate is Tref  Se'Yantra.  He's six foot, five inches of total
lean muscle.  Broad shoulders and lean hips.  Tref is a Tracker
involved with finding missing persons.  He has curly black hair and
dark brown eyes.  He's highly competitive and enjoys sports –
although more as a participant than an observer.  He's self-
confident and likes a woman who knows what she wants.  He
appreciates women and enjoys the courtship games.  He'll spend
quite a bit of time pursuing and wooing, but he's confident in the
end that his seduction will succeed.  He's experienced and enjoys
experimentation in the bedroom.  He likes nothing better than
hearing you scream with pleasure.  He'll respect your boundaries,
but he won't settle for anything less than total passion from you.  
You're used to the whole dating drill so you're confused and not
totally happy with the deepening of your relationship.  On the one
hand, sex is just sex – why mess up a perfectly good time with
messy emotion? What if he disappoints you in the end?   On the
other hand, you are beginning to believe that love, though messy,
just might be worth the hassle.  Having him around enriches your
life in ways you never expected.  You've secretly hoped for this kind
of relationship, but weren't sure you would ever find the right
person.  HE, on the other hand, is confused, too.  When he falls in
love, it'll be a shock to him.  The good news is he'll adore you.
<grin>   The other good news is that there is NO fantasy of yours
too outrageous for him to fulfill.  This guy is highly committed to
your satisfaction and won't be at all shy about grabbing a few
scarves and watching you squirm. <grin>  He's a strong willed man,
but then you're no shrinking violet yourself.  The two of you will
clash, but in the end, your love will see you both through any real
problems.  You may be tempted to kill him once or twice, but you'll
never be bored and you'll never give up on each other or your love.

If you picked mostly c's:

Your pactmate is Raf Der'Prante.  He's six foot, five inches.  Raf has
brown hair and piercing blue eyes.  He wears expensive clothes on
the job, but underneath those clothes is the body of a man who
works out.  He's the inventor and manufacturer of the mytib and
other fun Shimerian sex toys. <grin>  He's wealthy and very
polished, but underneath that surface is a very complex man.  He
had a difficult childhood which makes him ruthless at times.  He is
not a man who suffers fools gladly and will pursue whatever he
wants quite aggressively – and he has decided he wants YOU. When
his path crosses with yours, you are surprised and intrigued but not
intimidated.  He may be Mr.-King-Of-All-He-Surveys, but you're no
pushover.  You're willing to give him a whirl, but sex is the primary
lure.  He rocks your world in bed, but out of it he rocks your
universe.  The only consolation there is that he's just as freaked out
as you are by the intensity of your relationship.  You're both
reluctant to commit, but as you gradually lower your defenses and
get to know each other OUT of bed you can't help loving and
admiring each other.  He's occasionally arrogant (so are you), he
can be relentless and aggressive (so can you), but he's phenomenal
in bed (ahem…well, you would know that one best) AND he has an
amazingly inventive sexual imagination.  He likes to explore and he's
EXTREMELY dominant in the bedroom, but then again – your whole
"dark dom" fantasy has been lurking for quite a while, right?  
Besides, he's willing to let you turn the tables occasionally and run
the show in the bedroom.  Outside the bedroom you meet on equal
ground.  When he finally commits, he'll do it with the same degree
of intensity as he does everything else.  The two of you will have a
very passionate life together.  The fights may be legendary, but the
make up sex is off the charts.  You were meant for each other and
you will never grow tired of exploring life and love to its fullest --

Copyright July 2002 by Marly Chance All Rights Reserved.